HR Consulting Services

Clearview’s HR Consulting practice helps our clients strengthen performance by strategically integrating effective HR processes, programs, and practices into their daily operations. Our role is also to maximize each client’s performance related to Human Resources by introducing best practices in a variety of area as well as to provide periodic feedback to our clients regarding their performance related to annual management objectives. Our ultimate objective is to deliver HR services that drive value to your business, and assisting you in achieving your highest level of success by providing efficient, cost-effective, HR services that free you up to focus on what you do best: directing business growth and profitability. We offer a wide range of consulting services, including:

  • Assessments of existing HR functions
  • Human relations and policy issues including management coaching and training
  • Policy and procedure development and maintenance
  • Recruitment coordination including job analysis, candidate sourcing, interviews, and selection
  • New Employee Orientation
  • Employee record keeping
  • Job descriptions
  • Administration of employee benefits and selection of broker partners
  • Employment and labor law compliance
  • Development and coordination of performance management processes
  • Market compensation development planning

We take the time to understand your business and tailor our services to get you exactly what you need – based upon timely execution of agreed upon deliverables and performance results. The engagements range in nature from targeted, short-term projects to complete HR outsourcing. With the outsourcing model, Clearview provides each client with its own HR department without the cost of maintaining an entire in-house HR staff. We look forward to talking with you to learn more about your specific needs, and how we can best partner with your organization.

How we help our clients

HR Audits

Human Resource issues have become more complex over the years, due in part to new and ever changing federal and state employment regulations. Even with compliant practices, organizations can suffer inefficiencies in operations by not utilizing best practices. Organizations should periodically audit HR policies, procedures, practices, programs, and systems.

Reduce Risk and Promote Compliance with the Law

An HR audit can help your organization stay compliant with the law and is part of an effective overall
risk management strategy. The process can help identify issues before you face government
intervention, a human rights claim, or even a wrongful dismissal suit.
HR Policies, Procedures, and Handbooks

Much of employment-related litigation today can be traced back to flawed or non-existent written corporate policies and procedures. All companies, whether large or small, can manage risk through the design and implementation of sound policies and procedures. Policies covering workplace issues like attendance, disciplinary action, employee safety, employee complaints, smoking and workplace civility, should be established and outlined clearly for all employees.

Employee Handbooks

A comprehensive employee handbook will lessen the potential of misunderstandings, keep employees informed, and mitigate the risk of litigation. Our experienced team of HR professionals will ensure that an employee handbook covers all the bases, including employment status, records, benefits, payroll, work conditions, hours, leaves of absence, conduct, and disciplinary actions.

Employee Relations

Businesses that make developing positive employee relations a priority generally experience lower turnover rates, increased productivity, and more potential to promote from within. Fresh, innovative communication strategies are required to build strong relationships between employees and their employer and create a corporate culture that fosters individual and organizational growth. Through the development, implementation, administration, and analysis of these relationships, employee performance becomes a major priority.

Clearview provides a wide range of employee relations guidance including:

  • *Ensuring all applicable federal, state, and local laws and regulations are being followed
  • *Resolving workplace disputes
  • *Ongoing career development
  • *Internal communications strategy
  • *Insight into employee relations issues
  • *Manager and employee coaching
Job Analysis and Job Descriptions

In order for there to be successful employee performance, it is critical to start with well written job descriptions that accurately identify duties, scope of authority, skills, competencies, education, training, experience, and physical requirements which support the organization’s needs. Job descriptions should be reviewed and updated on a regular basis to facilitate the development of appropriate job-related qualifications, interview questions, and selection criteria. In addition, all of this needs to comply with existing federal, state, and local laws.

A good job description starts with a complete analysis of the role. It is essential to define the position responsibilities prior to on-boarding in order to allow for effective performance management and employee career planning. The mandatory requirements such as education, licenses, and certifications, should also be clearly outlined in the description. A comprehension vision of each and every role aids recruitment and employee retention.

Executive Coaching and Predictive Analytics

We have worked with CEOs, COOs, and other corporate leaders to help them achieve both strategic and personal goals. We tailor our approach to each individual to maximize effectiveness. We also have access to a team of experienced coaches who work with a variety of leaders in case more intensive coaching is needed.

Additionally, we have extensive experience with using predictive analytics to strengthen teams, make strategic hires, and provide managers with critical insights about improving the individual effectiveness of their direct reports. Our preferred tools are EEOC approved and have been validated for recruiting purposes to minimize risk to your organization.

We look forward to supporting your organization in any way we can to meet and exceed your HR needs.

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