Profit Optimization

Our profit optimization services provide valuable insights, improved processes and dollars back to your bottom line. Our team has decades of experience developing project plans tailored to each Client’s specific needs.

Our Services

Vendor Financial Compliance

Contracts in today’s business environment are often extremely complex and negotiated at significant expense to our Clients. The complexity of these contracts presents significant financial and operational risk. As such, it is critically important to have a process in place to provide assurance that your business partners are in compliance with your negotiated contract terms and conditions.

Our experience and detailed knowledge of contract structures allow us to accurately and efficiently review vendor billings to identify areas of non-compliance and put dollars back on your bottom line.

Revenue Assurance Reviews

Our Clients depend on their relationships and the controls they put in place with their customers to drive revenue streams. Revenue Assurance reviews involve reviewing our Clients’ contractual arrangements with customers and the related internal processes to identify control weaknesses resulting in lost revenue opportunities.

We’ll leverage our experience and detailed knowledge of contract structures to identify opportunities to improve processes and recover unrealized revenues. Specific areas of review include, but are not limited to:

  • Invoice Preparation
  • Sales Discounts and Allowances
  • Commissions
  • Royalties
  • Franchise Fees
  • Inventory Shrinkage
  • Returns
  • Credits
  • Sales Tax
  • VAT Compliance

Accounts Payable Recovery Audit Services

Companies with a high volume of transactions are likely to experience occasional processing errors along the way. We’ll identify those errors, and if an overpayment or under-deduction has occurred, we’ll work directly with our Clients’ vendors to recover the funds.

For each issue identified, we’ll determine both the root cause and any systematic control issue that needs to be addressed. If a control weakness exists, our team will work with you to identify a practical remediation plan to strengthen controls going forward, mitigating the risk of future errors.

With decades of experience specializing in Accounts Payable Recovery Audit Services, Clearview adapts each review to meet the needs of our Clients. Our team is able to work seamlessly with your IT personnel on data manipulation from one or more systems. Projects typically include one or more of the following areas of expertise.

  • Duplicate Payment Reviews. Our Duplicate Payment Reviews involve analyzing high-volume transactional data based on key criteria to identify potential duplicate payments for further investigation. Upon identifying a duplicate payment, we first perform an internal vetting process and then work directly with our Client and the vendors to recover lost profits and remediate any control weaknesses.
  • Vendor Statement Reviews. Vendors often apply credits directly to customer accounts without informing the customer. If credits remain unapplied for a period of time, they are often moved to a suspense account, escheated to the state, or possibly taken back as revenue. Our detailed vendor statement review process will help identify those outstanding credits. Through our experience as CPAs and forensic accountants, we have the unique ability to identify credits that have been inappropriately removed from your account and statement.
  • Missed Discount Analysis. Vendors often have complex discount and payment terms. It is important to review compliance with these terms, so your company realizes all available discounts. Our missed discount analysis involves reviewing transactional detail to identify inconsistencies in discounts taken for the same vendor. Additionally, we review vendor invoices to confirm that discounts are taken in accordance with stated terms. For identified missed discounts, we work with our Client contact and recover the related funds.

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