Business Licenses & Gross Receipts Tax

Many local jurisdictions require companies that conduct business within their boundaries to register for a business license, which is often renewed annually.

While most companies are generally aware of their state income and their sales and use tax filing requirements, these local business license requirements are often overlooked.

The fees associated with the local business license registrations and renewals range from a nominal fee to a fee that is based on gross receipts. We’ve found that the registrations and renewals that are based on gross receipts such as the Virginia Business, Professional & Occupational License Tax (BPOL) are deceptively simple and are often overpaid by many companies.

Our Services

We provide a variety of comprehensive business license and gross receipts tax services for our client and will adapt each project to fit the specific needs of your company. Our projects typically include one or more of the following areas of expertise:

Refund Analysis

Business license renewals that are based on a company’s gross receipts can result in significant liabilities. Based on our experience, taxpayers often overpay these renewal taxes/fees. The overpayments are generally caused by the misapplication of sourcing rules or the failure to take full advantage of applicable deductions and exclusions.

We will review your filing methodologies and determine if any opportunities exist to recover overpaid taxes/fees. To the extent overpayments were made, we will work with the taxing jurisdictions to recover these overpayments. We also work with our clients to transfer the knowledge necessary to prevent future overpayments.

Audit Defense

Local jurisdictions that impose a license fee based on gross receipts often aggressively audit taxpayers in their jurisdictions. We’ve found that auditors often misapply their jurisdiction’s tax laws. If left unchallenged, these audit assessments could have a significant impact on your company’s bottom line.

Clearview will manage the entire audit process on your behalf and leverage our experience with the taxing jurisdictions to reduce or eliminate the assessment.

Voluntary Disclosures

Local business license registrations are often overlooked by many companies. We can assist in determining where you have a business license registration requirement and work with the jurisdictions to get your company registered and to resolve any past-due liabilities.

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