Clearview Group’s Assurance & Advisory Practice Streamlines Employee Benefit Plan Audits to Save Clients Time and Money

The Baltimore-based consultancy seamlessly completes this regulatory requirement for companies in a cost effective and timely manner, ultimately allowing clients to focus on their day jobs.

Benefit plan audit season is right around the corner, with the process already underway in an ideal situation. These audits are mandatory for any company with over 100 participants, yet this cumbersome regulatory task takes time, money and resources away from other human resources department priorities.

Solid benefit audit skills are hard to find because Big Four accounting firms simply don’t see employee benefit plan audits as a priority, and they’re getting out of the space. Mid-market CPA firms, on the other hand, don’t invest in employee benefit plan audit specialization, making it an underserved market. This is where Clearview Group‘s Assurance & Advisory practice has created its niche.

“We understand benefit plan audits like no one else in the industry,” said Mike Buher, Clearview Group’s Assurance & Advisory practice director. “We streamline the audit process for our clients while also saving them time, money and headaches.”

Clearview Group’s Assurance & Advisory practice boasts a deep bench of highly skilled and experienced CPAs who are retirement specialists. The team has led hundreds of employee benefit plan audits so their process is designed to be as efficient as possible while minimizing the effort and cost required on the client side. Their audit approach allows Clearview Group’s team to work seamlessly within an organization, providing little disruption to their clients’ daily operations.

Buher is a CPA and former Big Four firm partner who brings more than 30 years of benefit plan audit experience to Clearview Group. Margaret Michael, the group’s practice manager, started her career at accounting firm Grant Thornton, specializing in employee benefit plan audits. Together, this all-star team brings a depth of benefit plan audit experience hard to find anywhere else in the nation.

Clearview Group’s powerhouse employee benefit plan audit team has made the investment to provide a high level of service for its clients in a cost-effective manner. Clearview Group allows HR and finance departments to feel confident that audits will be minimally invasive and timely while minimizing their expenses.

“Our specific expertise in employee benefit audits is what makes us so different,” said Buher. “Our technical knowledge is hard to find outside of expensive Big Four firms, yet our fee structure is so much more economical for businesses of almost any size.”

In addition to being seasoned CPAs, the accountants are registered with the Public Company Accounting Oversight Board (PCAOB), which further demonstrates its commitment to serving clients in all stages of growth.

According to Buher, there’s also one more aspect of their practice that sets Clearview Group apart from the competition: It mixes expertise with client care.

“Our clients can pick up the phone at any time and talk to us,” said Buher. “We help our clients feel comfortable with the benefit audit process. We help them understand the complexities without overwhelming them with an avalanche of technical details.”

It’s that personal touch, combined with their expertise, that keeps companies turning to Clearview Group as a trusted partner when it comes to their employee benefit plan audits.

For assistance with an employee benefit plan audit, contact Mike Buher at

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