Interview Tips: The Do's of an Interview

By: Barry Davis, Senior Human Capital Consultant

Interview Tips: The Do’s of an Interview

Interviews, by nature, can be stressful. However, if you really want this new job then be sure to put your best foot forward with these time-honored successful tips. While many of these tips appear to be common sense, you might be surprised at just how many qualified candidates fail their interview by ignoring basic decorum and professionalism.

Research the Company

The internet is an amazing tool. Check the web for what is being said about the company, what accolades they have received, changes in leadership and articles concerning growth/expansion. By all means, know their vision, products/services, and a few talking points which indicate you did some research.

Arrive on Time

Your arrival time is one of the first steps to prove not only your interest but your overall level of professionalism. Map out the location before the interview and plan to arrive 10 minutes early. Arriving with adequate time allows you to organize your thoughts and review your prepared notes. If something happens and you must be late, phone the office as soon as you know that you are running late. Be polite and cordial to everyone you meet; you never know whose opinion will count.

Be Prepared

Bring all requested paperwork with you to the interview including your resume, an application, references, identification, etc. Be sure to practice answers to common interview questions, but don’t memorize speeches or your answers won’t sound genuine. Also, write down some notes during and after your interview so that you don’t forget any details of what was discussed.

Be Confident, but not Arrogant

You want to convey your skills, achievements, and talent in such a way that it shows you are qualified for the job, but that you can blend with the team and supervisors. Be sure to offer a firm handshake and make eye contact when meeting someone. Give detailed, yet honest answers to questions with examples and explain how you would go about tackling the assignments and challenges of the position.


Approach the interview with enthusiasm about the job and the company by asking appropriately prepared questions. However, don’t bring up salary expectations until the interviewer does, but be prepared to answer such questions. Close the interview by asking about next steps and potential timeline for a decision. Finally, make sure you have a business card from the interviewers, so you can write a “Thank You” note within 24 hours.

Remember, this interview is your opportunity to determine if this company and position is really the right fit for you just as much as the company is determining if you are the right fit for them. Take time after your interview to determine if you still really want the job with the company.

Good Luck!

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