Recruiting in Healthcare

By: Barry Davis, Senior Human Capital Consultant

Recruiting in Healthcare

On the surface, recruiting in healthcare may not seem much different than recruiting in other professional industries, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. One of the biggest challenges facing healthcare recruiting is the scarcity of qualified employees. Healthcare organizations can’t operate with low-quality professionals and the shortage of candidates makes it difficult to get the highest quality professionals (doctors, nurses, therapists, and technologists) into every facility. This dilemma will continue to be critical as an aging and retiring population creates even greater demand on medical services.

Based on credentials alone, most candidates appear qualified, (MD, RN, RT, PT). However, as healthcare systems truly move toward being “patient-centric”, the most talented and qualified candidates will possess the intangible “people” skills necessary to provide customer service. The idea of simply providing excellent patient care has evolved into the concept of an overall patient experience and this requires professionals who rise above their skill set and job title to offer outstanding customer service to patients, families, and visitors.

As healthcare organizations compete for consumers and ultimately reimbursement dollars, administrators and hiring managers recognize the need to hire professionals whose behaviors align with the values of the organization and who can commit to the positive culture created within their teams. The key to overcoming this obstacle begins by building a talent pipeline which will shorten the hiring process. Successfully filling these critical positions comes down to developing and nurturing relationships with potential candidates and proactively working to bring them into your organization.

At Clearview Group, we partner directly with your organization’s stakeholders, working collaboratively to recruit and hire the most skilled healthcare professionals in the country. We build strong relationships with potential candidates and help guide them through the hiring process allowing your employees to continue focusing on the most important aspect of their job: the patients.

As a licensed healthcare professional, I understand the importance of building cohesive teams with the necessary skills to provide both high-quality patient care as well as top of the line customer service. Contact me with any healthcare related recruiting needs or referrals at

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