Attracting and Retaining Top Talent: What Millennials Value in the Workplace

By: Kim Theobald, Director of Human Resources

Kim Theobald

Director of HR Consulting

Attracting and Retaining Top Talent: What Millennials Value in the Workplace

Providing employees with excellent benefits, PTO, and fancy perks is a great way to stay competitive, but that is just the beginning of things companies should consider to attract and retain top talent. In today’s market, these items are a given; what employees value now more than ever is their overall experience with an employer. It is no longer enough to provide the basics; instead, we must enrich our workplace culture and embed it in our environment, so it’s evident to our employees that this is where they want to be.

Millennials are seeking purpose in their work, and an opportunity to develop a relationship with their employer. Are they being engaged? Are they empowered to add value? Do they feel they are part of a community? Cultivating an environment where employees are engaged, enriched, and see purpose will create a workplace to which they are inherently loyal.

So, your company appears to have an engaging environment, contributing to the well-being of its employees and community. You’ve created a brand, culture, and values that stand out from the competition. You’ve got a portfolio of awards and recognition. It looks like a place employees would want to call home. This is why top talent is choosing your company over competitors. This is where they want to learn, grow, develop and perform. This is a place they feel they can be their best self. Who is responsible for making sure you practice these values each and every day? Are you maintaining that competitive advantage you appear to have? Keeping loyal employees means practicing what you preach. It is up to the employer to foster the reality that sold the employee in the first place; otherwise, they’ll soon be out there looking for the next best thing.

So, how do you do this?

Take your annual wellness campaign for example – getting employees to participate in the wellness campaign is a great start, but engraining wellness in the employees’ everyday work life increases employee engagement. Providing healthy lunch options, educating on nutrition, or holding daily drop in yoga sessions can all make a huge impact on employee satisfaction. Maybe your company has cross-departmental teams – what can you do to enhance their creativity and effectiveness? It’s taking those programs that make you special and developing upon and enhancing them. Making employees part of this development process is the key to success. Really engaging with them and seeing what motivates them inside and outside of work.

Performance reviews and surveys do not get to the human element in all of this. Instead, true engagement calls for discussions, development, and nurturing. This requires more than just HR to be involved; it calls for teams of people that are focused on the employee experience beyond regular engagement strategies. Understanding what motivates your employees to stay with you and do their best work is invaluable.

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