Meet Meelah & Brandon: 2021 Assurance & Advisory Interns

Q: What type of work did you do as an Assurance & Advisory Intern?

Meelah: Last summer I had the opportunity to work with the Assurance and Advisory practice and this summer I worked with them again. When I first started interning with Clearview, my main responsibility was to assist in auditing contributions for employee benefit plans. More specifically , I tested these contributions by first reviewing all the payroll information sent from the client and plan sponsor. Then I used a spreadsheet to determine how these contributions were calculated and compared these calculations to the company’s records to make sure no discrepancies exist. This summer, I continued to perform contribution testing with some of the same clients I worked with last year. This year, we won some new clients, so I had the opportunity to learn how to perform rollover testing, remittance testing and benefit payment testing.

Brandon: As an intern at Clearview, I had the opportunity to work on a host of different kinds of projects including financial statements audit, financial statements reviews, and employee benefit plans. I took part in the audit process of a local non-profit organization, a global technology company, and a construction networking organization, just to name a few. I helped the audit team complete audit programs, lead sheets, subsequent cash disbursements testing, contribution testing, and a host of other assignments, all of which facilitated the audit process.

Q: What did you enjoy about your internship with Clearview?

Meelah: What I enjoy most about Clearview is the diversity and inclusion. The environment is filled with different dimensions of people that all bring unique qualities and characteristics to the table. In addition to this, I feel that Clearview prioritizes inclusiveness by planning events and meetings throughout the summer internship program that allowed my peers and my self the opportunity to connect with some of the staff. I enjoyed hearing everyone’s personal stories and experiences at Clearview.

Brandon: Thanks to the people at Clearview, my time at the firm has been enjoyable. At Clearview, everyone I met, both in and out of the audit practice showed a genuine willingness to help me whenever I asked a question or was unsure about something. I also enjoyed the events we had, especially those that involved experienced employees, as they often shared a lot of valuable information with us such as their experiences and the work they do.

Q: How will your internship with clearview help you during your remaining semesters of school as well as with your career?

Meelah: Working in the Assurance and Advisory practice has definitely provided me with the necessary insight of understanding the role and responsibilities of an auditor. This semester I will be taking an auditing course and I plan to take my problem-solving skills, analytical skills and auditing experience into the classroom. Overall, interning with Clearview has helped me narrow down on the type of path I want to take as a future accountant and has made me strongly consider the auditing field.

Brandon: Given the fact that I am yet to take my audit class, everything that I have learned about audit during my internship will provide me with a solid base going in that the class. I have also been able to better my Excel skills thanks to associates within the department whom I have closely worked. On several occasions, my teammates at Clearview shared their knowledge with me, which has also pushed me to learned a few Excel tricks of my own.

Q: What made your internship experience better than you anticipated?

Meelah: What made my internship better than anticipated is sharing this experience with other interns and networking with other Clearview employees. Clearview has really made me feel like I am a part of the team.

Brandon: Overall, my time at Clearview has been an amazing experience because not only have I learned a lot of new things, but I also had the opportunity to meet some amazing people and made new friends.


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