Meet Jade: 2021 Income Tax Intern

Q: What type of work did you do as an Risk Advisory Intern?

Jade: During my internship, I prepared returns for individuals, partnerships, non-profit organizations, and corporations. Initially I worked mostly on individual clients, but most of them had rental, dividend, and interest income- the latter two sometimes being in the millions. I found all the non-individual returns less nerve-wracking because they all have balance sheets, and those have to balance so I was more aware of if I was on the right track. However, that doesn’t mean the work was any easier. Another client that worked on had several adjustments that needed to be made to reconcile book to tax income and a work-in-process (WIP) schedule because their revenue is based on a percentage of completion. On top of that, only a small part of the work is done in Engagement software and the rest of the preparatory work is done in Excel. Honestly, when I was learning vlookup functions in class, I never thought I would have to use them for work. This return has been the largest for me, scope-wise, because I have to use the 263A calculation and WIP schedule to make adjustments to the numbers I will later enter in Axcess.

Q: What did you enjoy about your internship with Clearview?

Jade: I was really excited to work with Excel, Axcess, and Engagement during my internship. I’ve been anticipating learning about different types of accounting software during my time in college, but the farthest I’ve ever gotten was Excel. The environment at Clearview is wonderful. Everyone is so nice, friendly, and relaxed that I look forward to being at work. Of course, the free snacks, coffee, and lunches throughout the program helped too. I also like that I’ve been able to see the rest of the interns multiple times to see how everyone else is doing in their work. Clearview’s open-door policy has also helped me a lot when I have questions.

Q: How will your internship with clearview help you during your remaining semesters of school as well as with your career?

Jade: I feel much better after finally getting to work with different types of accounting software. Before this internship, I was afraid I would graduate without any practical knowledge to apply to a job. I also had the opportunity to talk to various people in my department about their career paths and get advice about my own academic and career paths. Mostly, this has reinforced my desire to finish my Master’s degree in a year and take the CPA exam as soon as possible. Additionally, I had no idea how much this internship would help me with refreshing and retaining the basic accounting concepts that I learned in college. Credits and debits, financial statements, and the accounting equation are all surprisingly prevalent while preparing tax returns.

Q: What made your internship experience better than you anticipated?

Jade: Ultimately, this experience was a lot better than I was expecting. I’m happy that I was able to start on work right away because I’m much better at learning when I can put things into practice. The work is interesting and the fact that I was able to do the sort of work that staff would do has helped me build confidence in my own abilities and work ethic.


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