Clearview Group and Ostendio Partner on Audit Connect Program

Last week Ostendio unveiled MyVCM Auditor Connect, the first secure online marketplace for companies to connect with qualified security audit firms. The program provides an online platform for companies to find the right audit partners for their specific needs. Auditors can propose services based on customer criteria, and clients can contract with auditors online.

It also allows auditors and customers to securely share real-time evidence, eliminating the need for spreadsheets and offline storage devices. This collaboration and efficiency can save auditors and customers up to 50% in time and cost.

Using MyVCM Auditor Connect, you can connect with a range of auditors who bring the recommendations and experience you need. You can configure your detailed audit requirements, which ensures that prospective audit firms will understand your specific needs and price their services accordingly. This reduces your costs because you only pay for the services you need.

Clearview Group is one of the first members of the Audit Connect partner program. The partnership is led by Aaron Kerr, the Director of IT Risk Advisory Services at Clearview.

“We are proud to be a charter member of the MyVCM Audit Connect partner program from Ostendio,” said Aaron Kerr. “Finding the right audit partner and navigating security audits needs to be as efficient as possible for our customers. MyVCM Auditor Connect will make the completion of audits, such as the SOC 2, easier to manage on an annual basis saving our customers time and money.”

Ostendio and Clearview Group will host a live webinar on Thursday, November 21st to showcase how security audits are evolving and map out a path forward that benefits auditors and their customers alike.

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