John Lindenmuth

Director of Business Development

John Lindenmuth

Director of Business Development


John is the Director of Business Development at Clearview Group. He advises a broad range of companies and governmental entities across all aspects of their financial reporting and communications strategies. With over 20 years of financial reporting and communications consultancy experience, he counsels clients at a senior level on domestic and international transactions and complex, issue-driven communications matters. He has advised on numerous fund launches and provides on-going strategic advice to both large and boutique asset managers and private equity firms. His recent sector experience includes banking, public finance, general corporate compliance, insurance, legal and financial services.

As a former investment banker, John calls upon his vast experience to empower his clients to improve their impact, minimize risk and enable them to maintain regulatory compliance and engage effectively with investors, analysts, regulatory stakeholders, rating agencies, NGOs, local communities and employees.


John attended The Johns Hopkins University where he graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in History. He also holds a certificate in Public Finance & Policy from The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania and is a certificate candidate in Public Relations at The University of Virginia.

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