Michael March

Principal, Technology Advisory

Michael March

Principal, Technology Advisory


Michael has a unique background as a technologist. He began his career in venture finance, where he focused his investment experience on enterprise software and cyber security companies. Across those disciplines, Michael has held multiple roles as both and operator and an investor. Michael was the co-founder of Source3 (Acq: FB), a digital IP licensing technology provider, where he managed product development for the company.

Prior to joining Clearview, Michael was an analyst with Osage Venture Partners, Founder and Product Manager with Source3, and led commercial product development for a Department of Defense Contractor. His focus within that ecosystem was cybersecurity.

Michael uses his broad (M&A) transactional experience to help companies leverage technology and analytics to both inform decisions, but also realize full value and price for risk of those transactions.


Michael attended the Pennsylvania State University where he earned a Bachelors of Science degree in Finance.

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