Paul Newton

Director of Business Analytics

Paul Newton

Director of Business Analytics

Business Analytics


Paul Newton has an uncommonly broad background having held Controller, VP and CFO roles in Finance departments, plus GM, COO and EVP roles with full P&L responsibility. He has led five business turnarounds and it was from this vantage point that he first recognized the incredible potential in deploying advanced analytical techniques.

In 2016, he used such methods to take a distressed $100M business to a comfortable sale in just eight months, and has been at the forefront of re-thinking what analytics means for corporate finance and accounting ever since.

Prior to joining Clearview, Paul was the founder of Zimtoti Analytics, EVP of Operations at Spring Mobile Solutions and CFO/COO at Themis Analytics.


Paul attended Western Kentucky University where he graduated with a Bachelor of Science (Finance) and a Master of Arts (Economics) degree. He also captained their Division 1 soccer team.

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