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Advanced Business Analytics means considerably more than the traditional analysis that has been the norm for the last decade. Today’s open-source technologies and methods have transformed how insights are derived – data pre-processing, visualizations and machine learning models are now the tools of the contemporary business analyst. Advanced Analytics is such a compelling value proposition, that it is driving a noticeable divergence between data-driven organizations, and everyone else.

Most firms have data that is underutilized, perhaps due to the incompatibility of source data or difficulty in extracting relevant insights from these data assets. Clearview delivers value by i) preparing the data so that it is useable and consistent, ii) deriving actionable insights through pattern recognition and/or statistical learning methods and, iii) providing cadence-creating regular updates. Furthermore, our expertise can assist with subsequent process changes to remove identified inefficiencies.

Typically, there will be something new, exciting and actionable that we uncover during our analysis – our analytics sheds a light on business dynamics that is news to even the most informed of audiences.

Our small-footprint solutions do not require an analytics platform or large-scale team to capture performance gains. So, consider taking a small step toward a data-driven future with Clearview’s Business Analytics practice. Once you see what today’s Business Analytics delivers, it will change how you arrive at many decisions.

Active Supplier Management

  • Monthly Reporting
  • Validate Contract Rates
  • Compare Supplier Performance
  • Leverage Vendor Supplied Data

Performance Improvement

  • Capture Performance Gains
  • Establish Reporting Cadence
  • Derive Predictive Models
  • Data-Driven Business Turnarounds

Audit Analytics

  • Continuous Monitoring or Auditing
  • Exception Identification

Exploratory Data Analysis

  • Turn Data Into Gains
  • Understand Your Business
  • Add Analytics to Digital Transformation
  • Explore Machine-Driven Forecasting

How We Can Help

Data is an underutilized asset, as its general untidiness and size often limit adoption. We don’t mind what state your data is in, we clean it up, merge it and use it to capture performance gains for our clients.

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People understand complex structures best when they are shown graphically. Clearview incorporates modern visualization tools and techniques so that patterns and anomalies are noticeable, and the impact to the business is apparent to all.

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We not only build prediction models, but once built, run thousands of simulations based on defined risk parameters to generate a profile of expected outcomes (e.g. simulating a new commission model).

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Today, tasks like matching, pattern recognition, or applying rules
and rates should be machine-driven as these tasks take seconds to complete and the work product will be timely and consistent. Teams are therefore freed up for more interesting activities.

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  • Paul Newton

    Director of Business Analytics

    Paul Newton is the Director of Business Analytics at Clearview Group. He has an uncommonly broad background having held Controller, VP and CFO roles in Finance departments, plus GM, COO and EVP roles with full P&L responsibility. He brings this expertise to each client project at Clearview Group.

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