Compliance Monitoring

Our Compliance Monitoring Services provide experienced and dedicated personnel to enhance your organization’s compliance needs. Our team bring decades of experience to every Client project.

Our Services

Clearview works with each Client to develop a project plan tailored to specific requirements.

Vendor Operational Compliance

As simple “check-the-box” audit programs are becoming obsolete, our team can assist with meeting needs and providing valuable knowledge to improve ongoing operations. Our team is ready to assist your organization with proactive compliance solutions and national examination experience from both regulatory and compliance perspectives. We take the time to understand your business and provide skilled and dedicated experts that provide clarity and results toward your organizational goals.

Data Mining

Our team can customize a project to leverage our in-house forensic/data mining expertise to address Client needs. We typically use Computer Assisted Auditing Tools (CAATs) to analyze large data files (GL, AP, AR, Outlook/.pst) and identify anomalies associated with overpayments, fraud, waste, abuse, violations and/or Client concerns.

Contract Compliance

Contracts in today’s business environment are often extremely complex and negotiated at significant expense to our Clients. The complexity of these contracts presents significant financial and operational risk. As such, it is critically important to ensure key documentation, insurance, pre-screening and training processes prescribed by your agreements are followed and tracked appropriately with your vendors.

Our experience in performing contract compliance reviews will allow us to perform these checks and provide comfort that your vendors are in full compliance with the terms of your agreement.