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Clearview Search ensures our clients meet the ever-increasing demands of identifying, sourcing, recruiting and retaining top talent. As “industry insiders” in the fields of professional search, we have created highly effective best practices that allow our clients to focus on the demands of running their businesses while we ensure they have a continuous pipeline of quality candidates. Our role is to be a true partner to our clients by getting to know your team philosophy and key performance indicators–ultimately delivering viable candidates that are in touch with not only the responsibilities of the role, but also the heartbeat of your company culture. Our capabilities to fill your needs are unlimited by the typical confines of market or industry because we have a team of expert sourcing generalists that effectively assess the needs of our clients. Well-positioned to successfully serve clients on a local, regional, national and global level, we partner with companies of all sizes, ranging from start-ups to the largest companies in the world. From targeted, short-term projects to customized, permanent placement solutions, we are responsive, committed and drive to meet and exceed the needs of our clients.

Candidate Pipeline Development

  • Employer Branding
  • Extended Reach

Staff Augmentation

  • Turnkey Staffing Augmentation
  • Full RPO Engagement
  • Engaged Search

Permanent Search

  • Job Posting
  • Resume Screening
  • Initial Communication

Recruiting Placement

  • Process Outsourcing

How We Can Help

The Clearview Search team is led by experts with decades of staffing experience, ready to help you source the perfect candidate(s) for whatever role and term you need. Compared to the cost of identifying, hiring and onboarding a full-time employee, our staff augmentation services help you staff up to tackle special projects, backfill planned leave, or fill other situations on an as-needed basis.

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To find the perfect candidate, our engaged search services help your team quickly fill your high volume of staffing needs. Compared to a contingency model, this approach allows for a shared commitment and partnership to deploy the dedicated resources you need to identify the best people to fit your company’s culture and job requirements.

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Our traditional contingency-based recruiting is a win-win for our clients because there are no fees unless the perfect candidate is identified, vetted, and hired. Our highly selective process ensures we are sending you only those candidates that meet your specific needs, experience, and qualifications.

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