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Our Cost Recovery & Data Analytic Services Increase the Bottom Line

From Big Picture, to Bottom Line

The most successful companies use a variety of different methods to consistently improve and increase the bottom line. Our industry experts work closely with each client to identify opportunities for increased profits, process improvements and compliance considerations by analyzing large data sets. We take the time to understand your business and provide skilled and dedicated experts that provide clarity and results towards your organizational goals. Our data analytic services typically pay for themselves through the identification and recovery of errors. Additionally, our services result in stronger controls and ongoing financial benefits. We document the results of each of our services in a manner that is tailored to our clients’ needs. Our documentation includes practical recommendations to improve processes and controls, in addition to the financial benefits realized.

Data Analytics

  • Profit Optimization
  • AP Recovery Audit
  • Contract Audits
  • Revenue Assurance

Compliance Monitoring

  • Vendor Operational Compliance
  • Data Mining
  • Contract Compliance

How We Can Help

Our contract compliance reviews allow our clients to verify vendor billing accuracy and operational compliance. These reviews go well beyond an invoice and payment review to the supporting documentation and vendor billing records to identify and recover overbillings. We typically are able to recover 1-4% of vendor spend that is reviewed.

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Our data mining & analytics services are customized to the needs of each client. Typically, we start with a need or question surrounding specific vendor performance, regulatory compliance or an opportunity to identify improvements. From that point, our experts work with the data to 1) address their current needs and 2) explore all of the ways the same data can be used to improve performance.

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Our Accounts Payable Recovery Auditing service looks at 100% of the payments made to vendors for payment accuracy. Each project is different based on the specifics of your organization, but we are typically always able to perform the work on a contingent fee basis.

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Our Revenue Assurance service leverages our contracts and data analytics experts to provide transparency into business relationships on the revenue side. Examples include royalties, licensing agreements, franchise fees, gain share arrangements, production based fees, etc.

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Ryan Warner

Director, Data Analytics

With nearly two decades of experience, Ryan is an accomplished leader and hands-on project manager who works directly with our Clients to deliver outstanding results. Ryan has led engagements that cumulatively have resulted in tens of millions of dollars in savings for his Clients.

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