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Do you fear that cyber criminals may be able to compromise your current systems? Is your organization losing time and money due to downtime associated with technology issues?

Through a Free Technology Assessment, our subject matter experts will evaluate your people, processes, systems and costs and provide value-added recommendations to enhance your technology environment.

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Our Expertise

Your Fully Outsourced IT Audit Provider

In today’s complex IT environment, every organization needs to balance its users’ technology needs, speed, ease of use and convenience against the critical need to keep information safe and secure against a variety of sophisticated threats and potential liability. We’ll help you ensure systems operate optimally to support your organization’s strategic vision.

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Risk Advisory Services Tailored to Your Needs

We help create internal controls that safeguard your business assets against changes in the current business and regulatory environment, and increase the overall performance of the organization. Our practical, scalable solutions are catered to your specific business to address the most important issues our clients experience.

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Our Hands-On Approach Provides a Seamless Experience

We understand that an audit should do more than just ensure compliance. Companies of all sizes are being held to much higher standards of accountability than they have in the past. With us, you not only receive highly qualified time-honored services from professionals who understand the needs of your business, but also the confidence that your company has the policies and procedures in place to meet your current and future objectives.

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Connect and Protect

We believe that the right technology solutions can give you a strategic business advantage, while weak systems and controls can put you out of business. Our technology and security experts work with companies of all sizes to design, build and support IT systems that fuel your company’s growth.

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Expertise to Help You Make Informed Business Decisions

We don’t need to tell you that understanding and reporting your company’s financial position is critical to your stakeholders. We provide a wide range of accounting and finance services designed to help your organization improve its financial processes, manage risk, maintain transparency and enhance the credibility of its financial position. We can assist you in not only meeting–but exceeding–your goals.

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Minimizing Tax Liability Wherever You Do Business

The constantly changing state and local tax landscape presents unique challenges to corporate tax departments. The experienced state and local tax professionals at Clearview assist companies of all sizes by providing a full array of consulting and compliance assistance across multiple tax types.

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Your Partner for Tax Compliance at All Stages of Growth

Our clients depend on us for experienced and timley guidance on tax compliance, preparation and planning. Whether your business is young or a Fortune 50 corporation operating globally, Clearview’s expert personnel can provide the solutions to help you meet your objectives.

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Be at the Forefront of Innovation with Advanced Business Analytics

Today’s open-source technologies and methods have transformed how insights are derived. Clearview delivers value by preparing useable data and deriving actionable insights.

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Our HR Experts Help Your Business Thrive

Our HR Consulting practice has one specific objective – to provide HR services that drive value for our clients, giving you the freedom and time to focus solely on your organization’s business growth and profitability.

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If you don’t see financial results, there is no cost to you. We recover money owed to or overpaid by your organization, adding to the bottom line without a sunken cost.

At Clearview Group, we recognize that no two clients or engagement are alike. However, as you navigate the business landscape through current and future COVID-19 related challenges, one of your organization’s main goals is likely consistent with the rest: focus on the bottom line and support activities that add to it. Engaging with Clearview Group on contingent fee service offerings is one unique way to support this strategy and we have years of experience doing just that for our clients.

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